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Mahesh has used his growing status as a Social Media Influencer to partner with top-tier brands and destinations to create content reaching engaged followers from across the globe. He exerts his influence primarily through Instagram (@StarvingPhotographer), where he currently has over 260K loyal followers. Mahesh has been photographing professionally for over 10 years and is also an accomplished educator and public speaker, with over 100 invited talks under his belt.

A sample of brands, destinations, and companies StarvingPhotographer has partnered or is currently working with:

Distribution and Audience Breakdown

•  Quality Instagram content will reach a wide selection of engaged followers from across the globe. Content includes tags and hashtags as requested by the sponsor.

•  Professional quality, high-resolution photographs for print and online publication. Unlimited, non-exclusive rights to print images for up to 3 years. Unlimited, non-exclusive rights to display electronic version of images indefinitely.

•  Video footage of candid moments to further enhance the audience’s experience.

•  Blog posts on and other social media outlets at the client’s discretion.

•  An engaging, 1-hr post-trip slide show and story-telling session at a venue of choice of the sponsor.

Example:  Sony Alpha Campaign

During the month of July 2016, StarvingPhotographer ran a photo-editing contest on Instagram for Sony Alpha. StarvingPhotographer provided over 60 images for participants to edit and combine. The campaign directly led to tremendous exposure for Sony Alpha and brought increased awareness to their line of premium photographic equipment. There were over 1,500 unique entries and 5, 639 link clicks (3,300 US; 425 Canada; and 1,896 Other). @SonyAlpha gained over 20,000 followers and experienced a surge in traffic to their website over the duration of the contest.

"Mahesh is always such a pleasure to work with. Besides being a talented photographer and educator, he is always so timely, considerate, and engaged.  He has never failed to understand our brands message and the style of work that is needed to carry it out. We at Sony Alpha always look forward to partnering up with @starvingphotographer. “

— Alexandra Reyes, Sony Alpha

Sample post: Click here

Example:  Big Island of Hawaii Campaign

• Dates of travel: Sept 21st – 26th, 2015

• Instagram Blog posts published: 6

• High Resolution, professionally edited images supplied: 35.

• Tags: @HawaiitheBigIsland, @gohawaii, @paradisehelicopters, @hiltonwaikoloavillage

• Engagement as measured by “likes”: 36,000+

• Engagement as measured by comments: 12,000+

• 3-Day Big Island Instagram take over Jan 26th – 28th, 2016.

• Sample post: Click here

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